Bento Box, It makes with nutrition Oats Rice, topped with sides dishes for a complete healthy meal. ..
Bento Box
Perhaps you may have seen it before in Hong Kong or Taiwan, the capsule-shaped rice ball is a popul..
Rice Type
Looking alike with the Japanese Onigiri, our triangular shaped QQ Snack Roll is made from nutritiou..
Snack Roll
Enjoy the irresistible and popular oat rice specially invented by our own chefs in 2014. These chew..
Oat Rice Delicacies
Our fibre-rich wholemeal sandwich gets a creamy kick from mayonnaise; top it with crispy lettuce and..
Wholemeal Sandwiches
This porridge is bursting with goodness from mixed grain with the exclusion of any unhealthy season..
Healthy Porridge
Feeling fatigued by the sweltering afternoon sun? Make a cool getaway with our refreshing healthy dr..