High in Wholegrains
Low in Calories
Chef's Recommendation

For early risers, we also have our hot partner-in-crime that comes in handy in stimulating the exhausted soul of yours. 

For lovers of brown rice, this perfect harmony blend of roasted brown rice, coffee beans and evaporated milk is a perennial favourite at breakfast. This drink is specially formulated to give you a cup of roasted and velvety smooth coffee.

Bustling with anti-oxidants from Matcha, this hot and nutritious creamy drink brings you the goodness of soy to keep your body functioning at its optimum level the entire day.

Curious how will it taste like? Similar to our local desert Buber Pulut Hitam, it is less sweet and taste smoother too. Blending the 2 superfood of purple rice and soy milk, looks like your nutritious drink value just got better by three fold.