High in Wholegrains
Low in Calories
Chef's Recommendation

Perhaps you may have seen it before in Hong Kong or Taiwan, the capsule-shaped rice ball is a popular Taiwanese delicacy commonly sold by street vendors with different types of flavorful fillings being stuffed into it. 

It was once mentioned that this rice combination was started off by a monk who mixed 10 different types of healthy grains collected through alms-giving. Since then, this colorful blend of nutrient-dense grains got popular as it stimulates appetite and provides balanced nutrition that aims to prevent arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart attack and cancers.

Once known as the prized grains served only to the royals in ancient China, this super-food has extremely high nutritional value which provides a higher level of vitamins, minerals and fiber than any bran rice. In addition, it contains a comprehensive range of amino acids, proteins, vegetable fats and essential trace elements needed by the body to improve the immune system and promote longevity.

With only the outermost layer, the hull, being removed, brown rice retained its nutrient-dense bran and germ layers which are rich in Selenium and fibre to promote weight loss and prevent colon cancer. 

Red rice contains a variety of anthocyanins that give its bran a red color. These anthocyanins, which act as antioxidant, have properties to reduce inflammation, allergy and prevent risk of cancer.  With high iron content, red rice also helps the body to promote the creation of red blood cells, thus preventing anemia.

Combining the essential nutriments from pearl barley, cereal, buckwheat, oats and red wheat, wheat five has an abundance of minerals and vitamins, particularly rich in Vitamin E which contributes in reducing the problem of asthma. Moreover, it can also help to balance cholesterol and protect the heart. To the females, pearl barley is effective in beautifying the looks through fairer and clearer skin.