High in Wholegrains
Low in Calories
Chef's Recommendation

Looking alike with the Japanese Onigiri, our triangular shaped QQ Snack Roll is made from nutritious mixed grain rice stuffed with savoury and enticing fillings. It comes in 2 different sizes with plenty of different mouth-watering flavors for you to choose. It is definitely your first healthy snack choice to enjoy during tea break!


Snack Roll

Snack Roll

Grab & Go? Choose Snack Roll! It is not only delicious, but also healthier as we uses Multi-grains rice in it! Assorted flavors and sizes for you to choose from anytime, and anywhere.

Medium Snack Roll Flavors -

Barbeque Chicken 

Butter Chicken

Sambal Dried Shrimp  

XO Silver Fish  

Emperor Vegetables  

Veg Oyster Mushroom  

Large Snack Roll Flavors -

Chili Ikan Bilis  

Chicken Floss 

Honey Goose  

Gua Zai Meat