High in Wholegrains
Low in Calories
Chef's Recommendation
In QQ Rice, we use multigrain in both our porridge to deliver a balanced nutrition for you. With every porridge, it comes with 3 filings of your choice too!

This porridge is bursting with goodness from mixed grain with the exclusion of any unhealthy seasoning and sauce to provide an immune-boosting meal for you. With the addition of ginger, mushroom, black fungus and 3 fillings of your choice, it will further accentuate the plain flavour and nutrition values of the porridge. Start your morning with this unbelievably tasty and healthy choice for your all-day energy now. 

*Please note that last batch of preparation will be at 11am.

Healthy Porridge [322 Kcal]

Healthy Porridge [322 Kcal]

Nutrition Fact:-

1. Protein: 5g
2. Trans. Fat: 0g
3. Total Fat: 1g
4. Carb: 43g

Weight: 230g

Recipe: Mixed Grain, Oat Rice, Pearl Rice, Black Fungus, Button Mushroom

37% concentrated wholegrain contains 10 wholesome grain with pearl rice  cooked with Black Fungus and Mushroom to produce Simple and Healthy for consumers.