High in Wholegrains
Low in Calories
Chef's Recommendation

Our fibre-rich wholemeal sandwich gets a creamy kick from mayonnaise; top it with crispy lettuce and assorted flavors to choose from. These delicious combinations transform the humble sandwich into a multiplatform meal that tantalises everyone’s taste buds. If you are keeping an eye on your calories, there’s a QQ wholemeal sandwich favourite for you to enjoy.

Crab Tuna Wholemeal Sandwich

Crab Tuna Wholemeal Sandwich

Nutrition Fact:-
1. Protein: 17g
2. Trans. Fat: 0g
3. Total Fat: 7g
4. Carb: 34g

Weight: 110g

Recipe: Wholemeal bread, Crab stick, Egg, Tuna, Iceberg Lettuce, Mayonnaise

34.3% Wholegrain Bread with our chef's recipe to mix the Crab and Tuna.