QQ Rice Singapore traces its origins to more than 25 years ago when Mr Yu Cheng-Lung first started taking over his family-run eatery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He astutely noticed the potential of Rice Ball business and began expanding it around Kaohsiung by offering 27 different types of stuffing. 
He continually innovates and improves his rice products such as using Japanese yeast to eliminate the effect of bloated stomach caused by rice and developing his own tasty Five Grain Rice formula.
With Yu’s maverick ideas and heady enthusiasm, QQ Rice’s operations flourished and started to expand overseas. Today, QQ Rice has firmly established itself as an eminent name in the international arena, with more than 300 QQ Rice outlets located mainly located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore.
For more information on Mr Yu, Please click on the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCnWHAeVsds

“Bringing the Goodness of Rice to Everyone”
“以米食为天, 造福你我他“
Not resting on its laurels, QQ Rice Singapore continues to share its passion for rice through creative invention of healthy snacks and drinks that appeal to everyone. Whether it is QQ Rice Ball, Snack Roll or Rice Drink, our products contain the goodness of rice with the added nutrition of various ingredients for everyone to benefit.